Joint Base Rod & Gun Club Safety Rules

Basic Safety Rules

1. Always be aware of your target and beyond.
2. No "horseplay" will be permitted.
3. Treat every gun as if it is loaded and the safety is off.
4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. Shooters suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
5. Anyone not obeying any of the rules listed in this brochure will be advised by the Range 14 staff of their violation(s) and the consequences of their behavior.
a. Verbal warning with no suspension of privileges.
b. Verbal warning with suspension of privileges of that day.
c. Written reprimand with suspension of privileges for a period of time.
Any shooter has the right to submit, in writing, to the Outdoor Recreation Director, reasons for the reduction of suspension time. The Range 14 staff may only verbally warn and or suspend shooting privileges for that day. Any other suspensions will come from the Outdoor Recreation Director.


1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded, and the safety is off.
2. Keep the muzzle pointed down range.
3. Cease fires will be called by the range safety officer in the tower. The procedure for the cease fire is that ALL rifle and pistol range shooters are in control of the range safety officer and will be given the following commands:
a. ATTENTION ON THE RANGE, ATTENTION ON THE RANGE. WE NOW HAVE A CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE. PLEASE CLEAR AND TABLE ALL FIREARMS by removing all magazines and all ammunition lock all actions open and insert your chamber flags. Gather any items you will need to take down range. Step back to the safety line and post your green flags.
Only after all shooters have posted their green flags and stepped back to the safety line, will the next command be given:
4. Cease fires will last a minimum of five minutes, and maximum of ten minutes.
5. Shooters will dispose of their targets, target holders, and spent shells in the appropriate trash receptacles provided, or take it home. YOU MAY PICK UP YOUR BRASS, AND ONLY YOUR BRASS.
6. Do not go down range unless the range safety officer grants you permission. No firearms will be permitted to go down range. This includes pistols in holsters.
7. Do not begin firing unless the range safety officer is present in the tower and has given you direction to do so.
8. Alert the range safety officer of any unsafe act or violation.
9. Cease fire immediately when any person or animal is spotted down range during a live fire period. Notify the range safety officer (orange vest or safety tower) immediately as well as any other shooters.
10. Only firearms legal in the state of New Jersey may be used.
11. All rifles must be equipped with a shoulder stock.
12. No targets or persons on the berm, NO EXCEPTIONS!
13. No targets should exceed more than five feet in height.
14. Paper targets, plastic jugs, tin cans, plywood targets (no more than 1/8 of an inch thick), and clay targets, are acceptable targets. Above ground targets must be a minimum of 15 yards and all ground targets 25 yards.
15.Glass bottles, bowling pins, plywood (more than 1/8 of an inch thick), batteries, produce of any kind, sports balls including but not limited to, golf balls, baseball, softball, tennis balls, stuffed animals, manikins heads or bodies, archery 3 d targets, toys, electronics, solid wood, and books are NOT permitted to be shot on Range 14.
16. ALL metal targets must be inspected by Range 14 staff, and be a minimum of 200 yards, upon approval.
17. Tables will be assigned in order.
18. There will be no cross-range shooting. All shots fired must be forward of your shooting station.
19. Shooters going down range in camouflage clothing must have at least 200 square inches of hunters orange (hats or vests).
20. No quick drawing from holsters will be allowed.
21. Rapid fire shooting is prohibited. Two/Three round bursts are allowed.
22. All individuals on the shooting side of the safety chain must wear hearing protection and safety glasses.
23. Be sure of your target and beyond.
24. All firearms will remain cased when transporting them to and from your vehicle.
25. Only paid shooters are allowed at the shooting stations.
26. No person may occupy a shooting station during a cease fire for ANY reason.
27. Groups requiring 2 or more stations WILL NOT have more than 4 persons at a station at anytime, NO firearms will be moved from one station to another unless they are cleared and cased.
28. All large amounts of waste (plastic jugs, cans ect.) will be taken to the dumpster by the shooter, or taken with you when you leave.

Archery Rules

1. You may only knock an arrow if you are on the firing line and no one else is down range.
2. Any drawn bow will be pointed down range.
3. Be sure of your target and beyond.
4. NO broad heads. Field points ONLY.

Paintball Rules

1. Barrel blocker must be on marker at all times when not playing.
2. Goggles must be worn at all times when in play areas.
3. Goggles and barrel blocker must be used even if you are out.
4. Paintball Markers must operate at no greater than 280fps.
5. Reball Markers must operate at no greater than 200fps.
6. Follow all directions of referees and staff.

Airsoft Rules

Required Equipment:
To maintain a minimum of safety standards, and compatibility with fields all over the Tri-State Area, R-14 has established an easy to obtain list of "bare minimum" required equipment. This required equipment is in place for your safety, for the needs of event organizers, and because it makes the game flow faster when everyone is on the same page.
1. ANSI Rated Eye Protection. (Players under the age of 18 must wear paintball goggles.)
2. An FRS Capable Radio (Emergency Channel is 1) (GMRS Operation permitted with appropriate FCC License).
3. An Emergency Whistle (Any make/model so long as it's loud).
4. A Red Cloth/Rag/Bandanna (To indicate wounded status during Daylight operations).
5. A Wristwatch or some kind of timepiece (for keeping track of bleed out time).
6. A Chemical or Electronic Glowstick (To indicate wounded status during Nighttime operations) - Only required for night games.

Magazine Restrictions:
• Players may carry any kind of Spring Fed Magazine, such as a Standard, Real Cap or Mid Cap magazine. These players are allowed to use full auto. These players can carry as many of these magazines as they wish, and are only limited by their personal finances, and the size of their rig/duffel bag full of magazines.
• Players may carry a single Hi Cap if they feel the need to do so. WHEN USING THE HI-CAP, YOU ARE RESTRICTED TO SEMI AUTO ONLY! This does not apply to Support Gunners.
• There is a limit to the number of support gunners on the field: Like Medics, we will have 1 Support Gunner for every 8 players attending. 8 People show up, 1 support gunner. 16 players, 2 support gunners. 24 players, 3 support gunners. 32 players, 4 support gunners, etc. Support gunners may use any type of magazine they wish, on any type of firing mode available to them.
• Snipers fielding weapons firing over 400fps with .25g bb's may not use any Gear Based High Capacity Magazines.
New Players who are unfamiliar with our rules will have a 2 game grace period to update their loadouts, or continue using only a single high capacity magazine on semi auto only. If a new player wishes to use full auto fire, then they must obtain spring based magazines.

Basic Rules of the Game:
1. All Airsoft weapons are limited to 400FPS with .25g BB's. Sniper Weapon Systems are limited to 500FPS with .25g BB's.
2. There is no minimum engagement distance for regular weapons. Snipers cannot engage targets closer than 100 feet. Snipers will be tested on their ability to range estimate prior to being allowed to field an SWS.
3. If you are attacking a building or solid fortification made out of wood, you are encouraged to Knock or Bang on it 3 times to eliminate everyone behind it. This discourages shooting faces from really close range, which, while realistic, is never fun.
4. When you feel/see/hear a hit on self, call your hits by shouting "I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit" while pulling out your red rag.

Skeet and Trap Fields Rules

1. Guns will be unloaded and actions open whenever you are not shooting.
2. You must be on the pad to load and shoot. Only one pad at a time can be used for skeet. Multiple pad use may be used for trap.
3. Maximum two rounds loaded. Except for skeet high house #8 (one round).
4. Shooters are NOT allowed in skeet or trap houses.
5. Shot not larger than #8 for skeet and #7.5 for trap will be used.
7. The target release will be operated by hand only. DO NOT step on release.
8. All shooters must sign in at Rod & Gun Club office.
9. A round of skeet or trap is 25 birds.
10. All non-shooters will be behind the safety chain with the exception of the referee/puller.
11. All individuals on the shooting side of the chain must wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
12. No vehicles are allowed fields, NO EXCEPTIONS.
13. All Shot Guns will have a stock, NO pistol grip allowed.
14. NO shotgun used for skeet or trap will be capable of holding more than 3 shot shells.