Paintball Courses.

40 Acres of woodland field and 2 150'x100' Speedball Fields. Everything you need to play for $25, or Bring your own equipment for $10.

Paintball Courses.

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Forest paintball courses

Traditionally, the most common paintball courts were in the open air, usually in forests or forests, where there was a lot of natural cover to hide. Many veteran players believe that "Woodbull" is the "cleanest" scenario in which paintball plays. In this type of field, players feel a real military game and "yes" you can use the "camouflage" of the army and look very serious! In principle, the field is an isolated area in a forest with an open area. Players need to learn how to hide or how to move quietly and quickly very carefully to avoid getting shots from opposing team members.

Conceptual Paintball Courses

The field of the concept is the paintball field, which is often created in the open air, and many objects that have been created for players to hide or seek protection. In general, the conceptual areas have a theme, the most common is the city's urban environment with cars, buildings and many other elements of the city. Therefore, these types of fields usually include natural and artificial objects to improve the game.

Now there are some commercially field concepts that are very creative with their themes, such as medieval themes with locks with towers, wagons and cut-outs. Probably the most famous of them is called "Tymmann Castle", which holds hundreds of participants per game. Conceptual fields are interesting and funny.

Paintball stages

The paintball scenario is becoming very popular. These paintball courts actually recreate the historical event for the participants. Obviously, they are associated with some famous battles, such as D-Day Landing, the battle for Stalingrad, etc., and the paintball players are immersed in a very similar situation that they encountered during a real battle; They must seize the targets and capture the territory of the enemy. Instead of several participants, the paintball scenario may include hundreds of players divided into two or more "armies" who were key fighters in a real battle. Therefore, the script field will be configured to represent the real battlefield as realistically as possible and could cover a very wide area of ​​the game. Such battles are often held throughout the whole weekend or more, depending on the reconstructed battle and are usually held in certain paintball locations throughout the host country.

Paintball Course Balloon / Speedball

Speedball or Airball is a new generation of paintball, which is very popular among players and spectators. According to fans of paintball, the fields for aerobolics are the most exciting and complex for all paintball fields. They are formed by equidistant barriers of equal size. The challenge here is that the player can not see beyond the huge barriers and can face or find someone at any time. With fewer barriers, a player can be hidden in one direction, but is shown to another player who has a different line of sight in the barrier. Because of the small playground and limited coverage, playing aerobics or speedball usually have a very short duration and often run out of minutes.

Paintball Courses Inner or paintball sands

These paintball sites offer a completely different approach and a meeting with an open field. The first and most important thing that new players discover is that the paintball guns here are very noisy: some believe that sound damages their ears and uses earplugs; but this is not necessary in most cases.

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