❌Do not create a new account. If you have ever had a membership or have a current membership, you have an account. If you have been to any FSS facility (ODR, ITT, any base gym, etc); you probably have an account.
❗It is important to not create a new account because the orignal account has the membership registered to it and you won't be able to use it with a disconnected new account. Use the contact us section on the reservations page to request account update.

❗If you have not scheduled a reservation you will not be allowed access to the Range. Park in the gravel lot to the left of the Clubhouse. NO parking is allowed in front or on the sides of the building. Only the member will be allowed to report to the payment line with their mask on, one (1) hour prior to reservation start time. Guests must remain in the vehicle. Any mandatory cease fires beyond our control will result in forfeiture of remaining time. NO credits or refunds will be given. Shooting time on the rifle line will be sold in (2) two hour blocks only ($10.00 each session). Skeet will be limited to two (2) hour sessions per shooting day.

Covid Message

Masks/face coverings are required. You will need to bring your own hand sanitizer. There will be no access to the Clubhouse. Port a Johns will be available. Payments will be by credit card only. NO CASH.

Dos and donts of masks

What is the Rod & Gun club?

The FSS Rod & Gun club at Range 14 provides a place to partake in various outdoor related activities.

Recreational shooting ranges for rifle & pistol, provides safe shooting opportunities for all eligible participants.

Woodland and speedball field, provide safe playing areas for paintball and airsoft. Invigorating sports that build team bonding, sportsmanship, and relaxation. For both soldiers and civilians to enjoy.

Designated areas for Hunting and Fishing, for safe

Archery area for practicing with bows.

Skeet fields provide a safe area to practice for skeet competitions and bird shooting.

Shooting supplies and snacks & drinks are available for purchase.

Basic Safety Rules
Click here for complete set of Range 14 rules

1. Always be aware of your target and beyond.
2. No "horseplay" will be permitted.
3. Treat every gun as if it is loaded and the safety is off.
4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. Shooters suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
5. Anyone not obeying any of the rules listed in this brochure will be advised by the Range 14 staff of their violation(s) and the consequences of their behavior.
a. Verbal warning with no suspension of privileges.
b. Verbal warning with suspension of privileges of that day.
c. Written reprimand with suspension of privileges for a period of time.
Any shooter has the right to submit, in writing, to the Outdoor Recreation Director, reasons for the reduction of suspension time. The Range 14 staff may only verbally warn and or suspend shooting privileges for that day. Any other suspensions will come from the Outdoor Recreation Director.